Simply Start Writing

To get the story out of you and on to your scrapbook layout, just start writing or typing.

There’s no better time than now to start.

Or you can start with doodling on scrap paper! I’m not kidding. Somehow seeing something with ink on paper will start your writing juice flowing. Our brain has a way of wanting to fill up that piece of paper with more ink and perhaps words.

What? Not even a single word or doodle? Here’s a last resort.

Find a book or magazine, take a paragraph from anywhere and start copying it down without thinking.

As long as you get your fingers moving, it’ll somehow activate your left-brain activity and your own words will start arriving.

Seriously, just start by writing little descriptions on scraps of paper or typing some words on the screen.

Even though your initial writing might be a strain to read and probably not making much sense,


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