One Lovely Blog Award #3 Thank you for the nomination.



Several days ago, I was nominated for the One Lovely Blog award by ROSE GARDENS AND THORNS Thank you and I am honored.

As a condition for receiving, I am to nominate my favorite bloggers and give seven facts about myself. This award nomination accepting thing sure takes work, cause after this I am to tell each of them they have been nominated.

Nomination Rules:

  1. Thank and link back to the person who nominated you
  2. List the rules and display the award
  3. Include seven facts about yourself
  4. Nominate around 15 (I’ve actually kept it to 7) other bloggers and let them know about the award
  5. Follow the blogger who nominated you (if not already!)

Anyhow, here are my seven nominations

*Nominating 15 is really hard, so many bloggers deserve it. So I chose ones that have less than 100 followers.

Here are 7 Facts about Me

1. I have three step children and one grandson.

2. I attended an all-girls high school and the all-boys high school was a block away.

3. I’ll tell you anything if you ask.

4. I love to go camping.

5, My husband and I are cruise-a-holics.

6. I am a middle child.

7. I have been all over the world.

P.S  “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple”. Dr. Seuss


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. LoveandFlats
    Oct 16, 2014 @ 16:16:34

    I think it is so wonderful you’ve been all over the world.


  2. Rosh
    Oct 16, 2014 @ 21:02:38

    Congratulations Crafty Lady and thanks for the nomination! I’ve got three step-children too and love cruising too. Great post!


  3. Sandi
    Oct 17, 2014 @ 08:57:31

    Thanks so much for the nomination! I agree: accepting these awards is a lot of work–but, ultimately, I found it helpful because of the new blogs that I found in the process. Your site is lovely! I also love to go camping, but, sadly, we never found the time this past summer. When we can, we prefer to go in the middle of the week–so much less crowded.


  4. The Exercise Hitlist
    Oct 17, 2014 @ 09:00:16

    I love reading these, I really want to do a cruise one of these days!


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