Day 12 – Photography 101: Architecture

Photography 101: Architecture

Study architectural forms, and also train your eye to look for shots that will translate well in black and white.

From geometric patterns on skyscrapers to the ironwork on historical buildings, there are many opportunities to capture the beauty and complexity of architecture.

The lines, shapes, and undulating surfaces come alive in the color version, while the black and white shot feels abstract and creates a mysterious mood.


Our Nation's Capital

Our Nation’s Capital

The history of the United States Capitol Building begins in 1793. Since then, the U.S. Capitol has been built, burnt, rebuilt, extended and restored. The Capitol that we see today is the result of several major periods of construction; it stands as a monument to the ingenuity, determination and skill of the American people.


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sandi
    Nov 18, 2014 @ 12:15:40

    I’m impressed that you got a photo with so few people in the foreground. When I clicked on the file, I appreciated the way you had kept the flag red, white, and blue 🙂 Then I saw the line of people waiting to go in, which is part of the reality of the Capitol.


  2. ohiophotogrl
    Nov 18, 2014 @ 13:14:44

    Great shot….I was just in DC in Sept and yes this was an eye capture for sure. So many things to see there! Nice job!


  3. Paula
    Nov 18, 2014 @ 15:30:35

    Very nice, sharp and clear!


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