My favorite time of the year.



My favorite time of year.

October leaves are falling…..

There’s nothing better than a month that starts on a weekend. Soon the shelves will be filled with candy corn and the sidewalks covered with leaves. If you’re an October fan, celebrate the cooler temperatures with a nice hike, warm fire and spend some special time with the ones you love.

I love this time of year!

Once The Leaves Fall Down
The hills dripped in bursts of sunset

Leaves turn a faint pumpkin shade

Summer slowly being drenched in fall

The chilly days start their invade

Abandoned roads that lead the way

Layered with the tears of a thousand trees

The animals make their way into the valleys

Protected from Octobers icy breeze

The smell of pumpkins sails through the air

Their carved faces displayed for all to see

The children run through the fields

Unaware of direction, unsure of where to be

After the sun sinks under the sky

The earth turns a reddish brown

October time has come around

But everything changes after the leaves fall down


-Nathan Zech


First Day of Fall


Wordless Wednesday

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Wordless Wednesday

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