Day Nine: “A Pop of Color” Developing Your Eye

pop1pop2pop3pop4Day Nine: “A Pop of Color” — Incorporate Color

The colors in our photographs are evocative and rouse emotions within us. Color can elevate a mundane image into something beautiful and intriguing, and can tell a tale within the frame.

Today, pay attention to how color affects your image. Let color be the star!

Today’s Tip: Keep it simple: experiment with only one color.

Visit the resource page for tips on incorporating color. Remember to tag your post with #developingyoureye and check the Reader to see posts from fellow course participants!

If you are from the Detroit area you should remember Vernors.

DETROIT- Vernors Ginger Ale is turning 150 years old this week.

The Detroit Historical Society and the Vernors Ginger Ale Collectors Club plan to hold a series of soda-themed events to celebrate the anniversary.

The famous fizzy drink was invented in 1866 by Detroit pharmacist James Vernor, making it the oldest soda pop in the country, according to the Detroit Historical Society.

For more info.

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